FotoVisura Grants

FotoVisura Grants:  The FotoVisura Grant for Outstanding Personal Project and The Spotlight Grant for Outstanding Student Project
Award Amount: $2,000 (Personal Project [FotoVisura]) / $1,000 (Student Project [Spotlight]) and opportunities for exposure.
Deadline:  January 10th, 2014

  • This grant allows self-publishing photographers an opportunity for exposure and awards through FotoVisura.
  • There are two types of grants:  the student grants and the main grant.  To be eligible for the student grant, you must be currently enrolled in an undergrad / grad program OR be a recent graduate, after January 1st, 2012.
  • In order to apply you must:
    • Sign up for a fotovisura account, there is a free trial option (unknown expiration date) or the standard account ($30/year) or the plus account ($60/year).
    • Create an album that includes:
      • A written reflection in first person of at least 150 words in the album text.
      • A current ongoing or recently completed photography series within the past 12 months with a maximum of 35 images. (Images must be 1000 px on the longest dimension at 72 dpi.)
    • Submit the grant using their online platform.

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