Foundation for Contemporary Art

Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant
Award Amount: Varies from $200 up to $2,000

  • Primarily granted to emerging visual and performance artists and have few sources of financial support who:
    • Have unanticipated, sudden opportunities to present their work to the public when there is insufficient time to seek other sources of funding.
    • Incur unexpected expenses for projects close to completion with committed exhibition or performance dates.
  • To apply, artists must e-mail a one to two page request attached as a word document and must include
    • Name and contact information
    • Description of project or opportunity
    • Explanation of timelines and or emergency nature of the situation
    • Specific amount requested and how the funds will aid you
    • How you heard about this grant (through here!)
    • Budget for entire project
    • Supporting images or work samples
    • Optional: links to relevant web sites.
  • Applications are accepted through e-mail only at addressed to the Emergency Panel.

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