The Neddy at Cornish

The Neddy at Cornish
Award Amount:  Two unrestricted $25,000 awards / six $1,500 finalists annually with a group exhibition in 2014.
Deadline:  April 20th, 2014.

  • Award must follow the criteria:
    • Demonstrated commitment and ongoing development of one’s artistic vision.
    • Demonstrated engagement with the world around them through their art practice, broadly understood.
  • Award will demonstrate artistic distinction through an established body of work and a commitment to their practice.
  • In honor of Ned as his passion for painting, one Neddy celebrates aretists that continue to innovate through this traditional medium.
  • An additional Neddy honors artists that work in any medium or combination of media grounded in the visual arts.
  • All award recipients will be featured in a group exhibition.
  • Any questions about the Neddy should be directed to Ellen Ito at or 206-726-5116.

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